Dog grooming

Dog grooming

What does our full groom entail?

  • Dog bathHealthcheck – looking for any obvious issues
  • Eye and ear clean
  • Nail trimming where necessary
  • Full groom to remove any mats / knots / tangles / debris and of course removal of all dead or shedding hair
  • Bath in our ‘Simply Natural’ range of shampoos and conditioners which best suit your dogs needs
  • Drying off with our low noise hair dryer whilst drying coat, getting it ready for styling
  • A clip / trim around your dog’s hygiene areas (arm pits / groin / belly) to keep clean and mat free between grooms
  • Excess pad hair removal
  • Styling in breed-specific style or to your own preference with whatever method is right for your dog – sissor clipping, hand stripping
  • A final check and brush through, fragrance spray and an application of paw balm



Our productsGroomers simply naturals

We use ‘Simply Natural’¬†shampoos and conditioners

Groomers ‘Simply Naturals’ range is free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and petroleum derived chemicals. It uses high quality, naturally derived ingredients that are user and environment friendly.

Feel free to pop in and ask us about our products or just to see what they smell like!

*We are happy to use your own bathing products on your dog but we will only use products that have been specially formulated for dogs.